Let the fun begin.  The exciting new wind sport of Wing Foiling is easy to learn and an adrenaline rush.  Ocean Freaks Key    West will provide you with wind foiling lessons/or riding sessions in a safe water environment, without dangerous obstacles  or distractions.  You will travel by boat with an experienced, licensed Captain/Instructor to a sandbar near the beautiful islands  in the Florida Keys.  Away from the crowds on the beach with lots of room to play.

 RESERVATION POLICY.  A deposit of $150.00 is required at the time of booking with Ocean Freaks Key West.

                                               Due to limited availability, lessons will need to be cancelled within 7 days fo lesson date for a full

                                               refund.  A refund will also be given, if the lesson is cancelled by the Captain/Instructor due to light

                                               wind conditions or weather related issues.                                            

 INSTRUCTION (BEGINNER)                   

     $400     3 HOURS   (2 people Max)    

 Note: Time required to learn to wing foil is based on each individual's learning curve.  


Session I

 How to Fly the Wind Wing


     Proper hand and arm positions 

     Power and de-powering the wind wing

     Walking Jibe (downwind turns)

 Board Intro 

      Getting on & off the board on knees

     Riding on knees, upwind technique

     Jibe (downwind turns)

     Standing on board, knee up technique

     Upwind riding while standing 


     Downwind Practice - Boat Assist

  Foil Session

     $400.00     3 HOURS  


     Practice Skills (warmup)

    - Knee up technique

     -Work on upwind riding, standing not on foil

     -Jibes (turning) not on foil

     Getting on Foil 

    - Pumping the wing

     -Riding on foil (shifting weight, board pump)

     Jibe on foil 

     -Heelside to toe-side

     -Switch stance:  before turns

                                 after turns

      Downwind Practice - Boat Assit

  Wing Foil Rider(s)  

     Our Equipment      $300.00

      Your Equipment     $200.00

     Warm-up in an assigned area

     Downwinder (Boat Support is included in this session)


  Private Kiteboarding Lessons

  Lesson(s) are private with no other people on the boat.  Learn in an open, shallow water area without obstacles or being           surrounded by other kiteboarders. It's just you and your instructor!

  Single Beginner Lesson :     $400

  Buddy Lesson - 2 people     $450

              Note:  must be within 25lbs for second lesson due to equipment requirements




Riders (Kiteboarding)      

  3 hours our equipment $200.00              Your Equipment: $150.00

Note:  We take riders based on availability and are grouped together.  We take a minimum of two riders.  Riders can book in if they are traveling with student(s).

Riders should be able to kite upwind and have the ability to body drag and recover his or her board.  If you are a rider, it means you are officially a kiteboarder.  Please understand your rate is based on your ability to be self-sufficient and not in need of instruction. There will be a charge of $ 50.00 for each boat rescue.   An equipment problem or weather issue will be taken into consideration. Your Captain will go over the riding location before your kite session.